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Arkadiya provide extensive range of equipment to support mechanical system of forestry. Our products range from Harvester Head, Trailer, Loader, Grappler to Tractor. These products help clients felling off the standing trees, removing branches, peeling off skin, trimming, cutting the trees into desirable length and loading the logs onto the trucks. In the future, we will also provide maintenance service to support the forest companies who needs the service.


KESLA Forest Technology Impressed the Guess at Demo in The Wood Event

PT Arkadiya Fourhaka Indonesia together with KESLA Oyj left the guess of live-in-woods demonstration of KESLA Forest Technology product a remarkable impression. (The event) was held at (District III Jambi Forest) on March 16th, 2017 and was attended by the some numbers of CEOs of Indonesia’s leading logging corporate.

A large number of Indonesia’s loggers were introduced and
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